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Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Are you looking to improve the aesthetic of your smile and teeth? The good news is that there are many options on offer when you visit a cosmetic dentist in Manchester like Tomas Dental Clinic. Whether you are looking for a quick fix or a long-term solution, we’ll work with you to share the cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide and find the best option for your personal needs. Today we’re going to share some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures, all of which can help you to feel and look more confident than ever before.

Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Braces or Invisalign

When discussing cosmetic dentistry, braces usually are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures which come up. If you are unhappy with gaps in your teeth or overlapping and crooked teeth, this is one of the best options to resolve this issue. You’ll find there are many different options on the market today when it comes to braces and cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign is one of the most popular modern cosmetic dental procedures and it uses invisible trays as opposed to traditional metal braces. It’s a great option for adults who may regret not having had braces earlier on in life but don’t want the invasive look of metal in their mouth.

If you are considering braces or Invisalign, a cosmetic dentist in Manchester like Tomas Dental Clinic will work with you to review the current positioning of your teeth and tell you how many months of treatment would be needed to get the results you desire. Expect the full treatment plan to last between six months and a year, depending on the severity of your gaps and crooked teeth. In the long run, you’ll be left with a beautiful smile and you’ll feel more confident than ever before following this treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

To treat discolouration, cracks, or gaps in your teeth, another option for cosmetic dentistry in Manchester is porcelain veneers. This treatment is non-invasive and is very effective for making your teeth look more aligned and aesthetically-pleasing. We will start by inspecting your teeth to decide if this is a suitable treatment for you. Porcelain veneers can last for up to ten years after treatment, but you’ll need to make sure you follow our after care instructions for best results. We’ll fit temporary veneers while we are waiting for the final pieces to be sent through. It’s a pretty painless and easy treatment for most patients, which is why we see it becoming more popular with patients of all ages in Manchester.

Teeth Whitening

Alongside your braces or Invisalign, you may want to consider whitening your teeth to get a winning smile. In the past, we know many people avoided this treatment due to fears of weakening or damaging the teeth. The good news is that teeth whitening is a very safe and effective treatment and we will ensure it is carried out in a way that won’t cause weakening or damage to your teeth. Teeth whitening will give you a brighter and more confident smile and is a quick fix for anyone who isn’t comfortable with their teeth. If you aren’t ready to invest in braces or other cosmetic dentistry treatments, this can be a good place to start. While it’s not as long-lasting as some other treatments, it can help to disguise gaps and poorly aligned teeth as you’ll find people just notice how bold and beautiful your teeth are instead.

Dental Bonding

Another treatment you might decide to invest in following braces is dental bonding. If you aren’t familiar with this treatment, it involves us applying a tooth-coloured composite resin to your teeth. This material works to cover up any cracks you have or disguise discoloured teeth. It’s a great way to subtly change the shape of your teeth to make them more uniform, wider, or longer. You’ll find that this treatment lasts for between five and seven years, but you’ll need to make sure you keep up good oral hygiene habits during this time. If you do find you change your mind about your teeth and their appearance, this treatment can also be reversed as we won’t remove any of your tooth enamel to complete the procedure.

These are just a few of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures we offer today. Our team will be here to support you in creating your perfect smile with braces, veneers, Invisalign, or dental bonding. No matter your current concerns or feelings about your teeth and smile, we’ll work with you to help you feel more confident with your smile and overall appearance. Are you interested in any of the treatments we’ve discussed here today? If so, get in touch with our team of professional dentists who will be excited to discuss the next steps with you or answer any questions you have about cosmetic dental procedures.

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