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Root Canal Treatment in Manchester

If you have a tooth that is causing you pain, it is possible that you may require root canal treatment to save the tooth from being extracted.

Where some dentists may remove a tooth due to an infected root canal, our endodontic specialists have a passion for this type of dentistry and, combined with years of education and experience, are able to save teeth that many others would simply remove.

How is root canal performed?

Modern root canal treatments are as comfortable as a simple filling placed in a tooth. The goal of the procedure is to save your tooth. The procedure will remove all the infection and nerves from the interior of the tooth. This makes the tooth incapable of feeling pain or any other sensation going forward.

Our team will make sure you are comfortable and numb throughout the procedure. After the procedure, you may have some tenderness when chewing.

4 Steps or Root Canal Treatment

Why root canal instead of extraction?

Root canal can save your natural tooth, if possible. In most cases, a crown in placed over the tooth to provide enduring strength and to protect the natural tooth underneath. Having a root canal and a crown is less expensive than extracting the tooth and then replacing it with a dental implant.

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Signs You May Need A Root Canal