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Unveiling the Risks and Realities of “Turkey Teeth”

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Often termed “Turkey Teeth” due to its association with dental tourism in Turkey, this treatment is one many of us have heard of and perhaps even considered as a cheap and quick fix to dental aesthetic concerns. However, this very popular treatment is now fast gaining bad press for the negative side effects unfolding post treatment.

Turkey Teeth – Are They Worth The Risk?

The ‘Turkey Teeth’ procedure involves aggressively grinding down healthy teeth into stubs or fangs. This unnecessary and damaging process can lead to severe complications and permanent harm to your teeth.

Turkey Teeth – Unveiling the Risks and Realities

The rise of ‘Turkey Teeth’ is indeed a concerning trend, reflecting the growing influence of social media on beauty standards and the willingness of individuals to seek cosmetic procedures abroad. While Turkey has become a hub for dental tourism due to its lower costs compared to many Western countries, there are inherent risks associated with this trend.

Affordable Smile Or Lifetime Of Dental Issues?

Turkey’s dental tourism industry has surged, attracting over 300,000 individuals in 2018 alone. While seeking affordable dental treatment is understandable, compromising oral health for cost savings isn’t advisable. Shaving down teeth excessively can lead to irreversible damage and weaken the teeth structurally, which can cause issues in the future.

It’s important for individuals to consider the long-term implications of such procedures and weight them against the short-term cost savings. Seeking treatment from reputable and qualified professionals, regardless of location, should always be a priority when it comes to dental care.

Social Media Smiles vs. Dental Nightmares

While reality stars on Instagram and TikTok may flaunt their “Turkey Teeth” online, the reality for many is far less glamorous. Ethical dentists, bound by professional codes, urge caution against drastic procedures in pursuit of the perfect smile.

The pursuit of a perfect smile can lead to a risky combination: poor communication, uninformed choices, and a lifetime of costly, unexpected dental problems.  Unfortunately, many patients in the UK who sought bargain cosmetic dentistry in Turkey are now facing this reality, with limited understanding of the procedures they received and a host of new dental issues.

Ensuring Safe and Ethical Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s concerning to hear about unethical practices in cosmetic dentistry clinics in Turkey. Patients deserve to have full transparency and informed consent regarding their dental treatments, especially when it involves invasive procedures like removing nerves or choosing between veneers and crowns.

While seeking treatment abroad can be appealing due to lower costs or perceived convenience, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the credentials and reputation of any clinic before undergoing procedures. This includes understanding the potential risk and long-term consequences associated with the chosen treatment.

If anyone is considering cosmetic dentistry procedures, it’s advisable to consult with reputable practitioners who prioritise patient safety and ethical standards. Additionally, discussing treatment plans and potential risks thoroughly with the dentist beforehand can help ensure that patients make informed decisions about their dental care.

GDC Assurance

The General Dental Council (GDC) ensures patient safety in the UK by holding dental professionals accountable. This crucial oversight is often lacking in clinics abroad, where lower operating costs can translate to reduced veneer prices, but potentially also to a concerning drop in treatment standards and dentist qualifications.


In this article we have explored the growing trend of “Turkey Teeth,” a cosmetic dental procedure popular for its affordability but concerning for its potential health risks. The treatment involves significant tooth removal, which can lead to permanent damage and future complications. Social media and the allure of a perfect smile can lead to uninformed decisions, with some patients facing unexpected dental issues after receiving “Turkey Teeth” procedures abroad. We have emphasised prioritising safety over cost-savings and highlighted the importance of choosing reputable, qualified dentists, regardless of location. We advise thorough research of any clinic and open communication with a dentist to ensure informed consent before undergoing any cosmetic dental procedures.

Choose a Trustworthy Dental Clinic

Choosing a trusted provider for your dental treatment is crucial. Here at Tomas Dental Clinic, we have seen a number of patients returning from abroad with alarming complications, emphasising the importance of selecting a reputable clinic. Tomas Dental Clinic advocates for informed decisions, thorough research, and prioritising the long-term health and well-being of your teeth. Our commitment to top-tier quality and client satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your dental treatments. Contact us today for an informal chat about your specific needs and discover the difference expertise makes.

Remember, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile!



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