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Unveiling the Risks and Realities of “Turkey Teeth”

Often termed “Turkey Teeth” due to its association with dental tourism in Turkey, this treatment is one many of us have heard of and perhaps even considered as a cheap and quick fix to dental aesthetic concerns. However, this very popular treatment is now fast gaining bad press for the negative side effects unfolding post […]

Can You Eat With Invisalign at Night?

Navigating nighttime noshing needs with Invisalign can be a nuanced matter. You’ve probably been told that snacking with your aligners isn’t the best idea, but hunger pangs don’t always adhere to a schedule. While you’re aware that wearing Invisalign aligners comes with a set of guidelines, you might wonder if there’s any wiggle room when […]

Does Invisalign Help Gummy Smiles?

When you smile, it should be as inviting as a warm home on a cold night, yet a gummy smile can often make you feel self-conscious instead. You’ve likely heard of Invisalign, the nearly invisible aligners that straighten teeth without the bulky hardware of traditional braces, but you may wonder if they can address your […]