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The Importance of Good Oral Health

Looking after our teeth and oral health is vital when it comes to the fight against bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. It’s also proven that looking after your teeth and gums can positively affect your health and overall well-being. Without our teeth, we wouldn’t be able to eat or talk, and we would lose the unique shape of our faces. In addition, very few of us would smile! Our smiles are what can give us confidence and can boost our self-esteem in our personal, social, and career lives – so we have to look after them.

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At our Tomas Dental Clinic, we firmly believe that good oral health can transform your appearance, positively change your mindset, and improve your overall health.

In this post, we look at the problems poor oral hygiene can cause and what you can implement into your everyday routines to continue to improve and maintain your healthy smile.

The importance of good oral hygiene

Not something we like to think about or indeed talk about a lot is that our mouths are host to a range of bacteria—most of these harmless, but bacteria nonetheless.

Your mouth is also the main entry and exit point to the rest of your body, so keeping these bacteria at bay and reducing the chances of harmful bacteria entering our systems is a must.

Conditions of poor oral health

Bad breath – bad breath is caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth and around the gumline, showing a lack of brushing and flossing.

Stained teeth – stained teeth can negatively affect your smile and, in turn, your confidence, stressing again the importance of dental hygiene. In addition, stained teeth are often associated with smoking and drinking excessive tea, coffee, and red wine. Regular cleaning and check-ups can help to reduce this problem.

Endocarditis – here, bacteria from your mouth can enter into your bloodstream and attack your body’s vital organs. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is essential to reduce harmful bacteria.

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Cardiovascular disease – inflammation and infections in the mouth can heighten the risk of stroke and clogged arteries. Visiting your dentist regularly can help to keep an eye on any problems before they arise.

Pregnancy and complications at birth – periodontitis is linked to low birth rates and premature birth. Research in this area shows that those with healthy gums are less likely, up to three times, to have premature babies. There is also a 1 in 4 chance that those suffering gum disease will go into labour before 35 weeks due to gum disease raising the chemicals in the body that can induce labour.

Pneumonia – bacteria and infections can reach your lungs, causing severe respiratory diseases.

Due to the various links oral hygiene can have on your health, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of having healthy teeth.

In addition, there are also certain medical conditions that affect our oral health:

  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • HIV/Aids
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Eating disorders

To combat the negative effects these conditions can cause, frequent periodontal care can help. That and the support and advice which is always available from our dental clinic in Manchester.

So how can you achieve good oral health and keep your smile bright and shining?

Protecting your oral health

Good oral hygiene means…

  • Brushing and flossing…. every day, morning and night, for at least two minutes.
  • Using a soft-bristled brush and we would recommend fluoride toothpaste.
  • Using mouthwash regularly.
  • Limiting sugary foods.
  • Replacing your toothbrushes, ideally every 3 to 4 months.
  • Visiting your dentist regularly – ideally every six months.
  • Avoiding smoking and excessive acidic drinks.

These good practice tips can help prevent dental decay and gum disease throughout your lifetime.

By carrying out good oral health practices, like the ones we’ve mentioned above, you reduce the risk of losing your teeth when you get older.

To further emphasise this point, research indicates that the number of teeth we have when we’re older can indicate our chances of living longer. For example, if you have 20 or more of your own teeth by the time you are 70 years old, you will have a higher chance of living longer compared to those with less than 20.

Research also indicates that those with healthy gums are 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Dental clinic in Manchester

Our dentists work hard to keep your teeth clean and healthy, avoiding tooth decay and gum infections.

Keeping you smiling always, and your confidence high, by visiting a professional dental clinic every six months, problems can be detected in their early stages, helping you to avoid complications before they become serious.

The best situation is to develop a dental plan that meets your needs.

At Tomas Dental Clinic, we want to help you achieve your dental goals and keep your oral health high.

Call us on 0161 527 5972 or email to book your appointment with our team of professionals today.

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